DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday November 17, 2011

THANK YOU Brisbane  ♥people for receiving our work and taking such good care of us – we think you’re awesome!

Today is our last day here in BRISBANE and it is with sadness that we pack up readying ourselves to leave for our flight back to Perth…….. Being in sunny, hot Brisbane usually feels like summer holiday time for us, especially seeing as we have mostly been staying only about 5 minutes away from the water. I’m sure those of you who know Brisbane will know what I mean… QUEENSLAND is a great place to go for a holiday as well as a great place to live! A good addition to put on your Things To Do one day if you haven’t already…How great it is that we get to work and play and holiday as well….next time we will schedule much longer to play as a week is not enough….

MIRRORING PRACTICE: Where are your favourite places you like to go to visit for a holiday. What attracts you about these destinations♥ What is one place you’ve never been to that you would like to go and why♥ Share your responses to these questions using the MIRRORING format for a minimum of 5 minutes

On the plane on the way back we had the same entertainment options so I got to watch more of the Making Australia Happy programs that I shared about in the post of the DAILY LOVE TIP – Friday November 11, 2011. 



The good news they report is:
♥ Research shows that 40% of the happiness pie chart is entirely within our power to control.
♥ Population studies show that we have a genetically predetermined “happiness set point” and that this accounts for 50% of the difference in happiness levels across a population.
We can influence our happiness through what we do and how we think. Just as we train the body to keep below our “set points” for weight, we can rise above our happiness set points.

EXERCISE: Every night, write down Three Good Things that happened to you that day to cultivate gratitude and retrain and re-wire your mind to notice the good things. It would also be good to share this using the MIRRORING format for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Dr Tony offers the participants an EXERCISE as an opportunity to discover what is the influence of having a positive mind-set. In the famous “bowling study” carried out by the University of Wisconsin in 1982, researchers found that being in a positive mindset improved bowling performance by as much as 100%. Wow! Isn’t that amazing!

Dr Tony sets out to repeat that study. The volunteers did get some coaching from a professional bowling coach and then the group was divided into two teams, assigning them lanes at either end of the local bowling alley and issuing different instructions to both teams without knowing what the other team were told.

The BLUE TEAM (Cade, Stephen, Tony and Liz K), were instructed to focus on the strengths of each bowling performance. After each bowl, they were asked to rate how well they did in the key areas (grip, foot position, stance etc), then focus on those strengths in subsequent rounds.

Meanwhile, The RED TEAM (Liz, Ben, Natalia and Rebekah) were told to focus on their failures. They were asked to rate themselves on a negative scale (eg, Poor, Very Poor, Dreadful) and remind themselves to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the following rounds.

The findings were that The BLUE TEAM very significantly performed better and the results showed that in bowling – as in life – we perform much better when we focus on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses…..We learn better and are able to improve task performance when we focus on successes rather than failures.

So here’s your new activity for this week’s FuN & HAppY fRiDAyS

Choose a minimum of 1 task each day this next week and focus on your strengths and success while doing it.
And/or choose to focus on the strengths and success of someone –  partner/child/parent/friend/sibling/any ‘significant other’ – with regard to them doing a minimum of 1 task each day this next week.
Share about your experience and findings using the MIRRORING format for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Please share your findings with us….I’m curious to know how you go with your experiments…

Research is definitely showing that being positive is not just some new age fad or even in fact not an option if you want to have a successful life. It is a bit like what dentists say when asked – “Which teeth shall I floss♥” And the answer is – The ones you want to keep!!….and the ones that you want to be healthy and strong…….  So, which relationships shall we be positive in♥♥ And the answer is – The ones you want to keep!!..

And if you want someone [partner/child/parent/friend/sibling/any ‘significant other’] to feel LOVED and valued by you that means doing the positive behaviours that make them LOVED and valued…which is not necessarily what you want to do…..and that’s another post another time!

Here’s to happy and successful experimenting and experiencing, LOVE and BLESSINGS SUSIE.

Make your energy and your LOVE positive and you change the world!