LOVE TIP  – Saturday February 25, 2012

What a great attitude to grow up believing!

Question for you: Were you taught to have such an attitude as you were growing up♥ What were you taught♥

One of the gifts that I am having in my travels is the opportunity to discover more of my default beliefs and attitudes…… The lovely Julia suggested a couple of posts ago in the comments that I might value reading the book The City of JOY by Dominique Lapierre….so hey presto serendipitously there it was at a little roadside stop-over ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ on the drive back to Delhi!!……my very own second-hand version which I have been devouring ever since. Don’t you just love it when you get a book that you can just disappear into…and especially great when you’ve got a long flight!!…which we did today from Delhi arriving into Trivandrum in Kerala……

It’s making me really think about the way things are set up here in India in a whole new way….really helping me to cross the bridge into their world…as well as rethink some of the things that I take for granted……I will expand on this as I read more of the book and also I’m pretty tired now at 1.30am after a long day……..

Picture me back here again writing late at night in the Reception area of the Ayurvedic Resort……sipping the juice of a fresh, sweet and tender young coconut through a straw from time to time…… wisps of my hair flicking around my face being buffeted by the fan behind me……the sounds of the ocean way off in the distance….as well as hearing the hum of the tropical night around me in this big open air room……we’ve just returned from welcoming the group at the airport who have now all gone off to bed after their long day and flights…….How particularly exciting this is for me because this is…….drum roll…..dadaaaahhhhh……♥♥•*¨*•.¸¸♥


of  susiesheartpathblog and this is where it began back in February 2011 …making it an exceptional and remarkable First Anniversary, hey!! WooHoo!! I am so grateful I have persevered – 195 posts later!!!!!….and that you have done me the honour of  showing up and reading and many times inspiring my next step on the path!!………How proud I am!!! Doing a little celebrating dance……..

Question for you: What is something you have achieved that you are proud of and are celebrating♥

So with a full and grateful and dancing heart I’m off on the long walk down my “I Can Do It” steps to our cottage for very welcome sweet dreams……Enjoy this splendid day, SUSIE

  If you always do what you always did, then you always get what you always got 🙂