DAILY LOVE TIP – Tuesday October 25, 2011

Hi there Lovelies,

I have been working on writing a post for a few days now on Conflict which is a follow on from the one on kindness……I am unfortunately not getting the time I need where I can ‘selfishly’ devote myself to it…..and I’m getting behind……..

So in the meantime I thought I would post this QUIZ that I made up about a year and a half ago……. so if you were around then you may have seen it before……but even though I was the one who put it together I must own up that I’m not able to remember some of the answers so see how you go….it’s fun to play with it with others……maybe use it at your next dinner party or date night or get together…….I actually got the idea to create a Quiz with trivia when Shelton and I were having dinner in a quaint little diner in Oregon when we were on holiday a couple of years ago……… and the place mats on the tables had all these trivia questions on them that we had fun answering while we were waiting for our meal…….not on LOVE and Romance mind you – on sport and politics if I remember correctly…..more ‘topical’ questions……

I’ll post the answers in a couple of days to give you time to play with it……

1. The scientific name for kissing is: philematology; philanthropy; or philology♥

2. Over how many facial muscles are involved in passionate kissing: 23, 34 or 48♥


3. Your lips are_______times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers: 20; 50 or 100♥


4. The God of Love in Greek mythology is called______________

5. The God of love in Roman Mythology is called______________

6. What does QTIP stand for in our ♥Communication  TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST from our Imago workshops and what do we mean by it♥


7. The most famous lover in the world is considered to be ___________

8. What are the 8 A’s that are good to do to help create a ZNZ ZONE




9. Te Amo is “I love you” in what 3 languages___________________

10. Which book in the bible is considered the most romantic♥

11. Which shy guy with a very long nose wrote love letters on behalf of his friend to the fair Roxanne♥

12. What is the traditional material associated with the 1st and the 25th wedding anniversary♥

13. What are the 3 steps of the Imago Dialogue♥

14. Who wrote:

How do I love thee♥
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight….

15. “Conflict is ___________ trying to happen.” Dr Harville Hendrix.

If anyone has any quizzes on LOVE, Romance and Relationships that you’d be willing to share with us I am interested so please send them in.

I found this image today. I think it is brilliant, don’t you♥ 

 Anyways Lovelies, time for bed for me…….hope you are enjoying your time whatever part of the day you are in,