DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday October 17, 2011

Hello dear People,

Hope your day is going well ……I’d like to share with you one of my favourite songs which is Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World”:

“Heal the world……..
Make it a better place, for you and for me and for
the entire human race… ……There’s a place in your heart
and I know that it is LOVE…..”


 It touches and inspires me! Isn’t the ocean of candles held high just the best sight♥….it’s such a symbol of HOPE for me……..I imagine every one of those candles representing a child who feels safe and secure and oh so LOVE-d……… 

This song is about ending wars yet I also see this song as a metaphor for ending the war that is going on in many people’s homes (let’s estimate 50% of people as we have about a 50% divorce rate) and the weapons that people are using are their words, their criticisms, all the ways we defend and attack and emotionally hurt our loved ones; the ways we are harsh and unkind and ‘snarly’ and unloving and withholding. The chilling line at the beginning of the movie “The Prince of Tides” that we show in our Imago Workshops is a good description of this –

“I don’t know when my parents began their war with
each other, but I do know the only prisoners
they took were their children…”

We believe “it takes a community to hold and support marriages/loving relationships” along the theme of “it takes a village to raise a child”…………It is so heartening for us to experience people caring about their family and friends…….we have many examples of people in our extended Imago community referring others to our Relationship Education Workshops and really gently but firmly challenging  and ‘calling’ them to do the work and practice that it takes to repair and grow and strengthen their marriages and committed relationships and lives…. and even at times generously financially supporting them to do the work…………..

We believe caring about others includes a responsibility to share our abundance ………. whether it’s actually giving our quality attention and time or acts of service like being there to check in and listen and MIRROR when things aren’t going OK….. or to do supportive tasks like babysit the children so that parents get the opportunity to spend quality time together or material gifts like financing a course or session or giving a book……These are great examples of paying it forward.

You’d probably be surprised to hear how many people come to our Workshops and it is the first weekend in years and years that they have spent time together without the children……or worse still how many young couples can’t do the relationship education workshops as they have no one to look after the kids and can’t afford to pay for someone to do it……..

So it’s time for my monthly check-in and invitation for you to offer the same to your friends and family…….for more information on this please check out the post  DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday September 15, 2011 – R U OK♥ and ♥R U2 OK♥

Question for you: R U OK♥ and ♥R U2 OK♥

Share about this for a minimum of 5 minutes in a MIRRORING structure.

How much better your world will be when all the people you interact with are happy and feeling loved and respected and secure and safe in being who they are and in the relationships they are in. The spin-off or pay back to you is a community of like-minded happy and loving people to interact with.

Today’s Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things….. Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World”.


Deep THANKS from a very grateful place in my heart for all that you are daily doing in your life to create more LOVE-ing in the world…making it a better place for all the children…….


Happily ever after does happen…!! 

with a bit of help from our friends  ………and education!!