♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday November 21, 2011

Hello to you dear faithful and trusty ♥Friends,

If I could reach up and hold a star
for every time you’ve made me smile,
the entire evening sky would be
in the palm of my hand.

Isn’t that just beautiful♥….

I love looking back over the blog and savouring as I remember all the many adventures I’ve had as I’ve explored what I’ve written about…..as well as being so touched by all that you’ve shared with me….A comment I ‘stumbled on’ today from Vivienne (thank you!) from back in August so delighted me  –

When your page comes up I get goose bumps just like I did when I was a child waiting for the colours to appear after adding water to those magic paintings (definitely one of my favourite things as a child). I love the colours and your beautiful smile, and you with gorgeous Shelton and the knowingness that soul treats await me….

…..and I found some of your comments I have been remiss in not replying to and I apologize for that and I ask for your pardon……replying to everyone is on my To Do List so out of the blue one day I will personally acknowledge your comment you’ve left – till then please know how much I appreciate your sharing with me……






AND now I want to share my special DELIGHT with you – It’s a  big celebration for me today – Yay!…… susiesheartpathblogblog reached 10,000 views today!! Woohoo!!……. And that doesn’t include all of you who are subscribers who regularly come visiting.  I’m ‘stoked’…..I couldn’t find any other word in my thesaurus…..but generally the feeling is one of being encouraged, excited  strengthened, inspired, moved!!……..as well as grateful. I do value so many of you spreading the word and sending posts to your friends inviting them to check out posts, inviting them to dialogue with you and all the ways you’ve helped spread the word. Big Thanks for your Kindness….







Do you know  that your doing the  30 Day Being-♥ LOVE Campaign… will take you to places you would not have imagined….Even if it is something as simple as every time you see ‘the other’ you smile at them – this is committing to an act of love and caring. “How many lives can you touch in just one day♥ Make your influence a positive one.”…join the new Being-♥LOVE Community….the ♥BLC

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