LOVE TIP – Friday April 13th, 2012

Hellooooooo most Gorgeous Ones

Here’s a thoroughly ♥FuN treat for you for ♥Fun fRiDAy by the ♥fabulous and hilarious Amanda Gore – How to be HAPPY – strategies to release your endorphins!♥v=bqRn81WFUr4

….wasn’t that worth the 7 minutes and 14 seconds!!  She gives a great Permission Slip to have ♥FuN…..and be silly…. 🙂

Questions for you: Did you have a big laugh at this♥ What did you find funny about it♥ Or if you didn’t find it funny, why not♥ Is laughing easy for you♥ Do people think you are the sort of person that takes life and themselves quite seriously……..all the time♥ What makes you laugh♥

MIRRORING PRACTICE: Share about this with someone and have them ♥MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes and then swap.






For more musing on this topic for those of you new to SusiesHeartpath Blog [or a reminder to you ‘oldies’] I invite you to check out some of the posts in the ♥FuN fRiDAy Category such as It’s ♥FuN fRiDAy – add to our ♥FuN LiST 

A reminder that the two things that are good to do everyday in any relationship is things that make you both ♥LAUGH and to Touch……..

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter ~ E.E. Cummings

A Permission Slip to daily include some laughing, ♥giggling, ♥chuckling, smiling and big toothy grinning…..
with LOVE & De-Light♥  Susie♥♥♥♥

‘Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be’ – Eckhart Tolle