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by on November 14, 2012

LOVE TIP – Wednesday November 14th, 2012

Hello Lovelies

You Folks are really THE BEST for being so patient with me for not showing up here for some time......... A BIG Thank You........ 🙂 ♡♥♡

This past couple of weeks have been truly memorable - firstly because horror-of-horrors I had the major disaster of my computer shutting down and not being able to get it to start ....and only after the whole week of much "troubleshooting" by the computer-repair-wizards did they get it running again ......Whew!! and a Big Whoooopeeee!.....I learned how much I do appreciate and in fact LOVE my computer and value the connections that it gives me.........not to mention many other lessons about back-up, etc.....
It is like a best friend♡......Apart from being a major business resource/asset it is my connector to many online virtual communities I belong to that daily nourish and inspire me….......♡♥♡

Do you know, one thing that I have been thinking about lately is how liberating it would be if our ♡Elders in old people’s homes had computers and the skills to link up with people online they would be so much happier and healthier!! What do you think?

The other BIG  BIG  BIG memorable event that has filled my heart and soul and a lot of my 'spare' time has been the marriage of my youngest daughter ♡Freea to her beloved ♡Lee last Saturday, November 10th..... Yes that's two daughters and two weddings this year!

My heart is so full to bursting with ♡LOVE with all the precious and memorable moments and learning of the time leading up to the wedding as well as the ceremony and reception itself. ...........What a whole lot of blog posts there could be...... ♡
......Part of me has sorrow that I didn't have the time for writing each day and another part of me feels very grateful that my days were so full that writing wasn't an option......

I am one very proud and blessed Mummy - what a gift my gorgeous ♡Freea is to me♡♥♡...... ♡Karen, one of my blogging friends, is so right with her comment - there's "nothing as deep as a momma's love"......[translate - mum, mom, mummy - your word for mother]

........And I got to walk this stunning woman down "the aisle"........I'm reflecting on whether that was the greatest pleasure or whether it was waiting 'with bated breath' with everyone else to be dazzled by her gorgeousness as she steps from behind the limousine.....following the procession of the three sweet, delightful and excited young flower girls and page boy sprinkling a path of flower petals before her.......as well as the beautiful bridesmaids.......but you'll have to wait for those pictures to come....I'm waiting, waiting.....expectantly...

How truly adorable and gorgeous in all ways is this magnificent woman......my daughter. Sometimes I look at my two girls.....and it feels like they will always be my girls even though they are two incredibly mature and competent women.....and I think of how much I adore them.....in that adoring way that most people associate with babies and young children......Like I want to trace their features and caress their skin and their softness and snuggle in and hold them close and kiss them all over and just sit and look at them and marvel at their beauty and bask in their heart and soul energy...........

Do you feel this way about your grown-up children? Does your chest just swell with so much pride and joy at the thought of those moments in your life when they've touched you deeply......when your heart just glows and grows huge.......How very blessed and privileged we are as parents to bring such wonder into the world and have their presence in our lives...........You can well imagine it was all I could do to contain myself spending the morning with ♡Freea as she was made up and coiffured and pampered and dressed and turned into a princess.....to meet her prince...

Beautiful rose and honeysuckle petals...........baskets full of them that had been gathered and gifted from many different home gardens.....were liberally sprinkled and showered by guests throughout the ceremony.....creating a colourful and fragrant path of ♡LOVE .....well of course you can imagine how much I loved that!!

Photo credit Marc Russo 

One of the hard pieces of the day was that ♡Freea's father ♡Russ died 12 years ago................... I can just picture him bursting with such pride and joy and ♡LOVE seeing ♡Freea so radiant and beautiful and happy...... I remember not long after he died sitting on a big rock out in the bush - out in the bush is where ♡Freea and I have had some of our most significant ♡heart talks - and she shared that one of her sorrows at his dying was that he wouldn't be there for her wedding day.....not that there was anyone in her life that she was thinking of marrying at that time.....

Many times rainbows have been one of the signs that ♡Russ 'is around'........showing up in many different ways and places .......so you can imagine my delight when this rainbow spread across the sky that afternoon - a beautiful and touching gift and blessing of his presence.....♡

Photo credit Marc Russo

“Couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking”..................     ~ Chinese Proverb

“we do not remember days, we remember moments….” ~ Cesare Pavese.

Many precious moments....I will write of more...........♡LOVE from a most grateful Susie♡♥♡

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Liz R says:

Dear Susie,
A beautiful wedding and felt very blessed to be a part of this very special time. Love these photos. Love you lots. Liz R xxxxxxxx

Dearest Liz♡
Such a gift to have you visit here in “blog-world”.
How blessed we all were to be surrounded by such ♡LOVE. It was extra special to share it with you.
LOVE you lots too♡♡♡

Vera says:

What wonderful photos, congratulations! Thankyou for sharing. A georgous bride, and a very happy looking mother, and the groom is beaming with joy too. Love from Vera

Thanks for visiting ♡Vera & for your comments. It was a special day for all♡

Yes ♡Wendy it is so nice to get a response.
Regrettably, responding to people’s comments has been one of the tasks [as well as the actual blog writing] that I haven’t been able to do over the last few weeks with many other commitments filling my time….
For me it is very important to acknowledge and respond to people’s sharing…..In fact just the other day I wrote the following on the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Group page that I think appropriate to share here:
“It so touches and fills my heart and soul to receive your beautiful words. I don’t think people realize how much THE GIFT♡ their comments are…..I belong to a few different groups of people who have blogs and hear often of people sharing of how affirmed and acknowledged and special they feel and often how healing it is for them. I have made a practice of commenting as often and as much as I can and have noticed how doing so has given me the wonderful gift back of training me to become more of a ♡LOVE-finder and as well I always end up opening my heart more which then feels fuller! How remarkable!! The lesson of – Giving is receiving!”

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share that and to give my Apologies to all I haven’t given a response to – Yet!! I am working my way through them. 🙂 All comments are very precious to me. And Yes I agree I think virtual friends are an excellent idea and an excellent way to connect with like-minded people.
LOVE Susie♡♥♡

Hilary says:

Yes it was an absolutely stunning day many beautiful touches. Lovely post xx

Dear virtual and very REAL 🙂 friend ♡Hilary,
So special to have you share the day with us as an important part of our extended ♡heart family…Much LOVE always Susie♡♥♡

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Such a lovely bride, couple, mother… and rainbow Dad. So touching. Susie your pride and love shines so brightly for your daughters. What a lovely idea with the flower petals. Congratulations Freea & Lee. You are such a beautiful couple. Blessings for a lifetime of pure love, happiness with every wish come true. xo

Beautiful virtual friend, you always share such heartfelt and soul-full words….your blessings and ♡LOVE are gratefully received……With LOVE, Susie♡♥♡

Freea says:

In the words of William Shakespeare-Evermore Thanks!
Dearest mummy, I love you all around the world and back and right now past Surin Beach in Phuket!
Dad was with us on our special day-in the beautiful rainbow that came with the rain, in the song of the kookaburra & he danced with us in his special way.
Some things are touched by the heart.

Hello ♡Sweetheart who I LOVE and adore all around the world and back and to Surin Beach in Phuket! Yes Dad was with you and us on your special day….we are blessed in that ♡Dad is all-ways with us all…and all-ways in our hearts…so many special signs to touch us…Imagining you having a splendid day sweetie…
Mummy ⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥⊱ lღvε ⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥

Wendy says:

Thankyou for sharing this beautiful heartfelt moment with us. Your daughter is gorgeous and so nice to see her happy. She is a younger version of you all over. Dont know you personally but when heartfelt stuff is shared like this you still feel like you are celebrating with a friend . Great to see you up and running again. I gree it would cut so much loneliness for elderly shut ins as well as those that live alone of all ages. it is how can it be utilized and the potential realized.

My pleasure ♡Wendy and thanks for visiting and for sharing your kind comments.
…..You know ♡Wendy what we have just done – “when heartfelt stuff is shared like this you still feel like you are celebrating with a friend ….” is exactly what I am talking about linking up the elderly and house bound people online. The Internet has such an ability to connect.
Yes there are many, many deep links between my gorgeous daughter and I….♡
I look forward to your regular visits and comments on my future posts 🙂 and continuing our virtual friendship. With love and gratitude, Susie♡♥♡

Wendy says:

Thankyou for your reply suzie it was so nice to get a response.
Virtual friends are a great idea and great way to connect with like minded people I love your site and get your blogs sent. Thankyou for sharing your blessings.

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