this too shall pass!!…..

by susiesheartpathblog on August 4, 2011

DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday August 4, 2011

Hello Lovelies, I know a strong theme that I write about is being positive and LOVE-ing and connecting to our heart and bit by bit, step by step.......... creating the Zero Negativity Zone in our lives.....

I also want to make space for........ and say all voices and all feelings are welcome let you know if you are struggling.... and being positive and moving forward feels hard and not possible and overwhelming ....... and you're not even sure there is 'a light at the end of the tunnel' remind you that if you are reading this blog you are a part of a network that cares about what you are going through........that there is help for you to strengthen your life and all your relationships to be what you want them to be.....

 What are you going through♥ One of the biggest steps is to not just keep it to yourself but to know that there are many out there who are feeling similar stuff and that there is help for whatever is happening for you to let it go and be happy!

You are not alone. Let us can even share anonymously how it is for you.....or how about finding just one other person you can share with..............just take five minutes to do something different in terms of reaching small step..........let someone else know what is going on for you.....ask someone to be there for you.....

Today’s Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things….. The poem The Guest House by reminds me of my human-ness....

One of the things that works best for me is to remind myself - this too shall pass!!.....and sometimes this might need to be said over and over like a mantra or I might sing it....or you could write it in lots of different ways.....make a collage of it.... 

 Accepting all that is with graciousness, LOVE Susie

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Annabel says:

I shall read this post over and over again! This too shall pass…Thank you for singing to my heart xx
PS Holly- Susie is ABSOLUTELY right- eventually IT WILL be ok xx

Holly. nkful says:

Today your precious Blog topic Susie
Was so encouraging to say the least
I needed it…..
eventually it will be ok……right♥♥
Much Love To You 🙂

Hello beautiful ♥Holly,
I’m glad this Blog topic felt precious to you and was so encouraging………glad it was there at just the right time……. and YES eventualllllllllllly it will be OK…..and a reminder that ♥YOU are already OK, ♥YOU always have been & ♥YOU always will be!
Remember Steven Stosny’s Declaration of Emotional Well-being – hear Steven instructing :O) – say this out loud:
• My emotional well being is more important to me than everything I resent.
• ….and is more important than everyone else’s bad behaviour.
• I am responsible for the thoughts I think and the things that I choose to pay attention to and my actions that follow……It’s only a thought!!….
with gratitude that you shared and much ♥LOVE to you with a reminder of how big your ♥Heart is, Susie.

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