Tammy Amor says:

Hello to All…
I started my 30 Day Love Campaign on the 15th of June. I missed the original start date & thought “Oh well, there’s always next time…” Each day that went by I felt regretful that I had not fulfilled my intention. On the eve of my birthday (10/6) I was driving to a local shopping centre to buy something new to wear to my birthday dinner the next night. As I approached the crossroad, singing along to my favourite music, a car went thru the stop sign, crossed right in front of my car, no slowing down, like they weren’t even meant to Stop. For the first time since I can remember, I FELT BLESSED to make it to another birthday, instead of the usual… “Uh…another year older”, I felt so lucky to be here, amongst my loved one’s & thought, this is a message from the universe, your life can change in a split second, and you may not get a “next time”.
So, I take this opportunity to express my love to my two sisters, Connie & Olga. We grew up very close, but over the years, life, family & commitments have often taken precedent to nurturing our relationship. I wish to express my love for them both, instead of just thinking about how much I love them.
I will make contact with each of them every other day, by sms, facebook, email, mail & spend at least 15 minutes each day getting photos together to make each of them a large collage of our time together throughout the years.
I will ring each of them at least once a week to speak by phone, and organise a get together with each of them at least once a fortnight. I will also look out for things that remind me of our childhood together to give as a gift.
Thank you for your time,
Love Tammy xoxo

Hello Thoughtful and Tender Tammy ♥
Welcome! How special for them AND as I have found in focusing my LOVE on my sisters – how special it will be for YOU and your whole family….the ripples of LOVE!…… I have been surprised how much change can happen in a couple of weeks.
You say, “I wish to express my love for them both, instead of just thinking about how much I love them.” I’m sure that is a wake-up call to many– how many of us don’t get around to telling the people we love that we do.
Also thanks for the reminder of how precious every day is and to live it to the fullest – fully showing up and not waiting and living with regrets. Great specific intentions you have stated for yourself.
Here’s to a year of even deeper and more expansive LOVE-ing for you. Gratefully Susie♥

Catriona Lightfoot says:

Hi Susie
really not sure how all this facebook, twitter, blogs etc all link and if this is where I am meant to post but here goes – I too am learning but all is good.
We have been following the 30 day Being Love campaign as a family – all of us focussing on our words and actions and asking ourselves will they bring love and if the answer is NO don’t do/say them. At the dinner table each night when we gather as a family everyone can share examples from their day when they gave love and when they didn’t and what happened. Needless to say some days work better than others as we are new at this but some really interesting discussions have arisen about how we deal with work colleagues and school mates…
But I have to say the BEST thing we have done this month for love all round is adopt a dog. Something we have talked about for a long time – Brett and I had a dog for the first 11 or so years of us being together and it has been about 6 years since he left us for doggie heaven. Although we have missed having a 4 legged friend the thought of the work involved in house training a puppy was too much for me to contemplate (I have only just managed to get 4 children house trained!!!). So we adopted a 3yo rescued from a pound – Cherib (vet spelling we chose to keep for convenience!!) Cheri for short – she is adorable and having only been with us a week has already left her mark on our family in a big way. Big kisses and cuddles and love she bestows on us all and she gets it back – she is not perfect (just like us all) and she has some defensive behaviours she developed as a pound dog in order to survive which we know with love she will loose, as she will learn over time she has no need for them anymore (sound familiar♥). And she eats brussel sprouts so at least now one member of the family is benefiting from the nutritious meals Brett or I cook with love every evening!!!! Cherib has reminded us that Love is limitless – it doesn’t run out – we just have to chose to give it.
Love from all of us to you and Shelton

Louise Plant says:

Hi All,
I want to share some good news that has occured this week.
I have been focusing on the lack in my relationship and it has basically kept things the same.
About 4 days ago I decided to start telling myself a new story. I decided that the old story was not working. I felt I was wanting more non-sexual intimacy in my relationship and more foreplay fun. Telling the story about my lack did not work.
I decided I would start to focus on fullfilling that within myself. I decided to keep feeling the feelings of fulfillment, to know how it feels when I am intimate with myself. I decided I would start playing a new story and I would play fantasies as such in my head as to all the things I wanted to see happening in my life.
I found that once I stopped thinking about the lack in my life and started to think about giving myself what I wanted I have noticed a definite shift in my relationship. I have noticed my other half is more affectionate, intimate and attentive.
This had continued and feels really good. I think it will be good to keep focusing on myself and keeping that good feeling alive within me now,
Thanks for opportunity to share.

Anne says:

I really like that insight Louise! Congrats on the promise and thanks for sharing; I am going to use the perspective you shared. Thanks!

Anne says:

Hi My Energizer Buddies~!

I want to share with you a MAJOR breakthrough I had this week regarding the person I am focusing love on; Joyful Jennifer!

As you can tell by my past posts, my working relationship with her has been a HUGE obstacle; so bad that it even annoyed me when I wasn’t at work, I daily contemplated leaving, thought irrational thoughts about her motives toward me, etc.

Well, I have been diligent to somewhat diligent in praying for her each day as that was the best I felt I could do with the current feelings I had towards her. I began to get discouraged; not seeing any fruit of my prayers. But, my God is so good and so faithful, that He hears even our smallest and most pitiful prayers and acts in love towards them…THIS WEEK I HAD A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH!!…during Tuesday’s teleclass of Dream Boogie with SARK (an amazing supportive creative community) God opened my heart towards Jennifer, gave me a new perspective to look at it from and gave me the words I need to say to her…now mind you I never even desire to talk to JJ (let alone come to her in humility to talk about our relationship) but my heart was soft, open and willing to take this step to turn this obstacle into a HUGE powerful testimony!!!! YAY!!!
So, I called her that very night, spoke to her the words God gave me and she & I are now on a determined path to make this relationship work for the sake of our spiritual growth and our department’s growth!! (the fact that God softened my heart to approach Jennifer is HUGE because I have to admit, I was filled with heart-hardening PRIDE over the situation!)

So, to wrap up and offer YOU encouragement, KEEP DOING WHATEVER SMALL STEPS OF LOVE YOU ARE DOING (even if you’re not seeing fruit right now) BECAUSE LOVE ALWAYS MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I know Jennifer & I have a rocky road to go down but when we are seeking LOVE; GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO DELIVER!

Encouragement for you today my lovely love friends! – Anne! 🙂

V says:

Hi Anne, my experience in corporate america is that you have to play the game and if you approach her directly you lose. If she is truly the person you want to focus on I would do it privately, through thought, prayer and action. I think Susie said something to the effect that she puts a kind word before the name of a person she is having trouble liking. But I had to leave corporate america because I find the values are very masculine and mine are feminine and nurturing. I didn’t handle the cut-throat world well. I am much happier taking care of children and doing my art and facepainting….hope this helps!

Anne says:

Thank you V! Your viewpoint and support is so really helpful to me! I’m gonna’ post a breakthrough I’ve recenty had in this area…check it out! and again, thanks so much for caring & responding!

Anne says:

Hi Guys,

Hope your love dare journey is going wonderfully!

I have a question for you guys/am in need of support. (I appreciate the support already given!)

The person I am focusing on is a supervisor at work and I SERIOUSLY need help loving this person. I was hoping that daily prayers and loving intentions would make a big enough difference but not so sure. I feel this person constantly ignores me/my work. She has admitted in the past I intimidate her so that’s probably why she seemingly ignores me. I know tlaking to her about it or going out to lunch to discuss our general working relationship would help but honestly, I feel so prideful … like I don’t even want to take the first step and would rather just leave and forget it all. Ugh, I know I’m being a total crybaby & dork about it all…it’s just that over the years, it’s gotten to be a BIG obstacle. Please, any thoughts♥ I know you guys will have great ideas that help me!!!

Thank you so much!
Love, Anne! 🙂

Vicki says:

Hi Susie, I finally made it!
I am going to spend the rest of June, learning through you and this challenge how to care for the long time love of my life, Tim. We were together as teenagers and then on and off through college, then we lost touch and both married other people. We got back together 7 years ago and it has been a really beautiful, painful, happy, miserable, so right, so wrong relationship. The problem is we love eachother and cannot make it work. I like the Qtip advice and also that what he says is more about him than me, and vice versa. So I would like to take these days and love him without expecting certain responses and feeling hurt when I don’t get them. I think I spend alot of time not noticing when he is good and kind and wonderful. I like that you and Shelton make reminders of the good times for yourselves. I like that alot. And also, I will add, just like Melisa is doing for me a “and Melisa, too” to the end of my good thoughts and prayers! Here we go…

Gaelia says:

Hi Susie,
I’m in cos I’m worth it!
My special person is me & I am going to spend a minimum of 15 minutes TWICE every day reading a novel. Once when I am by myself (to teach responsible Gaelia that the world will NOT fall apart if she stops for 15 minutes) and the other time when my family is around (to teach them my needs are important – a wise women once told me that if my children don’t see me valuing my needs, they will never learn to value their own :-).
Many many many thanks for your love & insight Susie.

Louise Plant says:

Question for you: What do you wish for or dream about of how the relationships that matter to you look like♥
Are you ready to become more loving and loved♥
Hi guys I am joining the 30 day challenge, i am starting by looking at what I am wishing for in my relationship. I have been separated for 12 months from my hubby n now we are back together again and are travelling on the road. not amazingly some same old issues come up. So what i want is to be able to find resolution within myself, to be able to express myself freely, to be at peace with my decisions and choices. I dream of a relationship that has a beautiful connection. Where people look at the two of us together and they say, I want that, I do not know what it is, but I want it. I want compassion, understanding, and connectability. If there is such a word.
I want to to be free to be us and to be supported with love from the other person in our passions, joys, loves and even hurts and pains.
That sounds like a good start.

Anne says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am going to get a Q-TIP NOW!!!

Anne says:

Help me!!! Today for sure (and most days) I can NOT stand the person I am supposed to be loving…………………………………..roar and growl!!!!!! I am praying God helps me to love them but somehow how bad she p*sses me off wins over…………..!

OHhhhhhhhhhhh dear Anne,
I was wondering how you were going given that you started before all us. Have you seen the new 1st June blog post with the TIPS FOR BEGINNING NEW THINGS. Check it out and there’s a couple of things in there you could have a go at.
Another TOOL that is indispensable with challenges like what you have with JJ is to always have a QTIP with you – stands for Quit Taking It Personally – to have around to remind you…!!
There’s a quote by Pia Melody which I like that goes something like “What the other says and does is more about them than it is about me; what I do in response is more about me than it is about them”
The post on The Art of Not Being Offended is an excellent read: See Archives Thursday 21st April 2011
Also start a list of Things I’m GRATEFUL FOR in JJ. For instance there was a guy who I don’t know very well who sent me a very criticizing email and after doing my normal indignant – ‘How could he♥♥’ ‘How could he think like that♥♥’ and many other such criticizing thoughts in my head I finally remembered to move into What I am GRATEFUL for about this guy – and started the list with I am grateful that he has such strong opinions to replace – ‘How could he think like that♥♥’etc, etc, and after about the 5th one I was amazed at how changed my body and emotions were….
Thanks for reaching out. You go girl – you have TOOLS and you can do it!! Admiringly, Love Susie xx

Nicki says:

Hi Susie,
I am taking on the challenge of the 30 day Being-Love Dare in relation to MYSELF. I have become aware that my brain actively seeks out negative affirmations of myself. This produces feelings of inadequacy and insecurity and the belief that I am unloveable. I only turn to myself in times of crisis. And these occasions highlight my lack of connection and the inability to nurture and comfort myself.
My new picture is every day for 15 minutes exploring and discovering ways to nourish and take care of myself. I look for things that make me happy like painting a pear or walking in the park. I am sharing positive moments with myself and rejoicing in them. Today I found a video of myself giving a speech at my father’s 80th birthday party. I thought I looked pretty, relaxed and sure of myself. This is a picture I will replace with the old picture of myself as ugly and uninteresting.
My dream relationship with myself is be comfortable and happy with who I am. TO BE with myself and not want to be anywhere else.

Selene says:

Hi Suzie,
I’m going to take this opportunity to focus on my SELF.
I have recently fallen out of love with myself and am wanting to get back to the FUN, JOY, CONNECTION, LOVE with MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear Selene♥
Today is my day to say hello to you and check in on how you are going.
Such a special gift to yourself and your family and friends that you have chosen to focus on your beautiful SELF for the 30 DAYS.
Would you be willing to share what you are choosing daily to BE-LOVE-ing to yourself♥
What FUN, JOY, CONNECTING, LOVING actions are you choosing♥
Reminder note: stating our goal in a general form doesn’t give us as big an advantage as being specific.
It’s far more ‘brain-correct’ as well. The more specific we are the more successful we will be and the more likely our life will change.
We can choose as many or as few actions that work for us. The same action everyday or different ones…
Given how special you are falling back in LOVE with yourself I imagine would be a delight♥
Love Susie♥

Isobel says:

Hi darling
Yes, I want to be in. I’m not sure whom I will focus my love light on.
I have a big list. I will see what feels the best in a day or two.
It is feeling so good to be sitting here thinking about all the people that I love and appreciate.
Now I need to remember the whole blog logistics. Will call out for help if I need it.
Love you.

That’s Fantastic!! You have such a big heart and are so good at being a BEST FRIEND to many so that whoever you focus your ‘love light’ on will be blessed. Your friends are so privileged to have you in their lives…I love what you are saying -“It is feeling so good to be sitting here thinking about all the people that I love and appreciate” ……that is true for me too and as well thinking about all of the people in the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN and the people they are directing their loving and caring to! What a special virtual community!
Please post the specific actions that you will be doing for the 30 DAYS by the beginning of June so we can all support each other…It strengthens your commitment to put it out and have it seen. Expectantly & gratefully, Love you too Susie xx

Yaari Self says:

I am in for me and my 19 year old son, Bel who is struggling with life and bitterness. I want to shower him with love, light and laughter for 30 days so that we can be good friends and supports to each other. At times it feels like a tsunami is needed to move him out of darkness and I am putting out to existence for all your support and love. Thanks Susie for this wonderful opportunity to heal and open to love. It is just what we needed. Love Yaari

Hi Yarri,
A warm welcome to my blog and thank you for subscribing. Here’s looking forward to many more visits and I enthusiastically encourage your comments.
It’s great that you are joining the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN for both you and your son.
Your son is lucky to have you be willing “to shower him with love, light and laughter for 30 days”.
He sounds like he is in a very sad and painful place.
A gentle reminder to state and share specifically about what you are choosing to do for the month in relation to Bel.
We need to make our intentions and actions SMART – see the blog for a description of what I mean.
I look forward to your update. With love and gratitude, Susie x

I have decided to make much better contact with my two grandchildren, Nick and Chloe.
I am sending them a post card or letter each day for a month. Also, I have thought of two gifts that I will send them during the month. I will also skype with them a minimum of one time a week.

Nick and Chloe will be over the moon to hear from their Grandpapa in those ways…
I remember years ago when you surprised me by sending me a postcard everyday for a week “out of the blue” for no reason other than you loved me. It was extra special and brilliant in that you used the postcards that you had bought at Le Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay on our special first trip to Paris which was our ‘official’ beginning to our relationship….. AND they were all with Waterhouse paintings on them who you know is a favourite painter of mine…. AND it reminded me of and took me back to how delightful it was to have spent some of our time in Paris at the Art Galleries and to get to see so many originals of so many great artists….AND you had put them away to use for just such a special occasion…AND I remember walking down the driveway to the mail box each day (and for those of you who don’t know that is about a 5 minute walk for us at Warm Fuzzy Hill) with such anticipation after the first couple of days – how exciting that was!! Such a ‘simple’ act that conveyed so much to me…… It still touches me to think about it all these years later….. You’ve made my day just giving me another opportunity to think about it all again!….Love you and your thoughtfulness and your amazing ability to surprise me in so many ways, Susie xxx

Angelika Lakis-Zimmermann says:

Hi Susie,
May be I missed it, technically I don’t know where to write my “Love-project” bit.
Can you help♥ Sure you can!

Ange says:

Hi Susie
I am doing this to create a beautiful new beginning for the relationship that Andrew and I have… one where we are not ‘together’, but regardless of that, one where we are still able to love each other and appreciate what we still bring to each other. This is a new realm of discovering the possibilities of love.. that it doesn’t have to ‘look’ a particular way to be enjoyed, and that it can still live on even when you agree that you love each other but not the life that you have together.

Hi Ange, How special for you to chose this “new realm of discovering the possibilities of love”…..
You say it so beautifully – “it can still live on even when you agree that you love each other but not the life that you have together”….
A gentle reminder to state and share specifically about what you are choosing to do for the month in relation to Andrew.
I imagine much will unfold…that’s the bit I like most about a process like this…saying YES moves us into the realm of mystery….Have a special day and sending sweet LOVE to you, Susie xx

Mia says:

I’m in 🙂

It’s a pleasure to have you participating Mia,
I’m wondering whether you have a specific description of the relationship you are giving your attention to for the 30 days that you would like to share with us. It would be great to hear from you and how you are going if you would be willing to share… so we can get to know you better …..and support you..
Hope you are having the best day…Love Susie xx

Debbie says:

I’m in and looking forward to the 1st June.
It’s time my marriage had a grease and oil change so we run together like a well oiled machine again!! 🙂
Making time together because we want to and not because it’s the only time we’ve got..
Woooohoooo bring it on!!! 🙂

How wonderful Debbie,
Making time together because you want to is wonderful…… I hear your loud YES to doing 30 DAYS of the LOVE challenge
Your husband is a lucky guy ……You’ll probably like the post I put on Facebook today:
Have you held or been held by your Beloved today♥ Use the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN to ignite and deepen
your LOVE-ing. Your LOVE-ing matters and makes a difference…. Yay and Woo Hoo!!
Please come visit our new Institute for Relationship Development Facebook page – and sign up that ‘you are attending’ (click on events & yes I am attending)
so we can have the pics of the whole Heroine/Hero Group.!/pages/Institute-for-Relationship-Development/174834319240247♥sk=wall
Love Susie xx

Kelly says:

Hi Susie,
Looking forward to the challenge!
Love Kelly

Hi there Keen and Knowing Kelly,
Hope your holiday went well!…… Missed your presence…And what/who is the challenge you are choosing♥ Whatever you do, you do well… I know you’ll do a great job. Love Susie xx

Angelika Lakis-Zimmermann says:

Hi Susie
I join the club….
Don’t know how I will be going, haven’t quite worked out, what to do.
Have to read your blog again and sit down to reflect.
Lots of things are going through the mind…. I CAN DO IT!!!!! A

Of course YOU CAN DO IT! Angelika. Great to hear from you. If you need help working it out let us know.
You will make a difference to the people that you love and care about. Thank you. Love Susie xx

Melisa says:

I am definitely doing this, for my daughter, and Vikki!! I will post the answers to the questions or send them to you as required! Thanks so much for doing this Susie!!

Fantastic that you are accepting the 30 Being-Love Challenge! Anticipating 30 days of transformation of our Being-Loving starting June 1. It will be my pleasure to acknowledge your posts in whatever way you would like. I look forward to your experiments and requests. Expectantly looking forward to you posting to the blog what the actions are that you will be doing for your daughter and for Vicki. Thank you so much for doing this too! Love Susie xx

Melisa says:

My name is Melisa and my 30 DAY BEING-LOVE DARE is to put more positive thought and attention into listening to my daughter and envisioning the new relationship I wish to have with her. I do not know exactly what ways I will do this but my first thought is to leave her some random notes that are positive and validate who she is. I will also try to engage with her in at least one thing each week that is about her showing me some new wonderful video she has watched or music she has heard (she loves music and fashion). For Vicki, I will spend time connecting with her and getting to know her. I will send positive thoughts and energy her way and envision her art coming alive for her in new and exciting ways!

Anne says:

Today the person I am focusing on did something that typically would’ve annoyed me/hurt me. Instead of sitting there and dwelling on it, I simply responded in a kind way and because of that, our relations will go better tomorrow!

Anne, you’re a STAR….imagine me giving you a big pat on the back!
Lynne McTaggart’s work comes to mind when I read your sharing – “…..Emotions of all types affect others – ideas of emotional contagion and emotions being infectious and influencing others …. What I do influences you and what you do influences me. One act of kindness has the ability to affect you, your friends, your friends’ friends ……and so on…ripples of kindness and love….” JJ is offering you such a gift of growth. Admiringly, Susie xx

Anne says:

Hi Susie!!!
I am your Energizer Buddy today!!!!

What you are doing is changing lives!!!! I believe in your 30 day challenge and would like you to know that I have already started. In fact, I started on Friday (wanted to start experiencing the love & transformation right away!) and would not have started without YOU encouraging me to do so! I know my relationship with Joyful Jennifer will be changed because of the good work YOU challenged me to do!!!

Here’s HAPPINESS to you!!! I’m throwing it at you as a fistful of golden glitter; it glistens and sparkles and gently falls upon you! As it does, you feel warm, protected & at peace but also giddy!
Giddy for your dreams and the excitement of the 30 day challenge and the world transformation it will bring about! Look, you’re sparkling with GOLD GLITTER now!! 🙂

This ENERGIZER BUDDY says continue on with the 30 day challenge whether 1 person signs up or 100! You will be GLAD you did!

Go Susie, you can do it! Go Susie, you ARE doing it! YAY SUSIE!
Anne! 🙂

Hello dear Anne Energizer Buddy!!
Thank you times 100!!
YES – it is important to me if the only life that changes is yours and mine!!
You being my Energizer Buddy and letting me know how important the challenge is for you is SUCH a Gift!
I am sparkling so much with your GOLDEN GLITTER. It’s perfect that you choose sprinkling GOLD all over me because an image that is strong and nourishing for me that I have used for a long time to express ‘being in my Light body’ is the image from the movie Cocoon of the woman who is completely golden who floats effortlessly emitting an energy of protection, peace and warmth…How perceptive you are!

I am back to the drawing board in terms of putting the word out. I am sending out an e-newsletter in the next couple of days – and I so appreciate your feedback and input to make the Being-Love Dare more understandable for people….

Thank you for being so generous with your sharing….it’s amazing how something about each person’s story or sharing inspires different things in people.

I look forward to receiving regular updates of your experiment with Joyful J. How lucky she is! With Love and respect, Susie.

Ramona says:

Hi Susie!
I think starting on June the 1st is a great idea! I’ve already begun creating an Art Journal Page for my Knowing-Amanda project, but I’ll keep it handy until I make my first journal blog post on that date.
This project is (was) just the motivation that I needed to stop denying my long -neglected relationship with my mother and do something about it. I would not have known exactly what “it” was until you came up with this project!
Sure, my dreams have been haunting me for a long time to ‘do something’ about it, but what was I to do♥ Now, with your inspiring momentum, I know exactly what to do, and how to get going.
Thank YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL connection medium that you have originally created, dear Susie!
Big hugs and blessings to you

Hi special Lady,
I am so looking forward to what you will create about your Mum….you will also inspire many as so many have deep ‘Mother wounds’ and wounds of abuse. I imagine your dreams will start caressing you and nourishing you and your neglected and mistreated gorgeous little girl…..I trust you do know exactly what to do, and how to get going. All embracing love, Susie xx

Jodie says:

Hi Susie I’m in too!

Hi Ya Joyful Jodie,
That’s great! I’m glad you are in….
I knew you would be the sort of person who would be join ‘the team’ to create more love in the world whilst growing your “own love muscles”.
I very much admire the way you so often step forward and show up with your hand up to volunteer and to participate.
You do soooooo much to contribute to expanding people’s options in becoming more loving and conscious.
We look forward to you posting about your intention in regard to the relationship you are choosing to build and grow. Much Love, gratefulness and respect, Susie xx

Anne says:

I am so delighted & excited to be a part of this utterly important, WORLD CHANGING 30 day challenge! Thank you for being a beacon of light!

As we talked about, my intention is for “Joyful J.” . I hope that when she walks through the door, I can genuinely enjoy seeing her pretty face, smile and say “Good Morning!” I intend that when I see her or think of her that positive, encouraging and uplifiting thoughts come to mind. That when she sees me, I speak with kindness and that she chooses to include me and asks for my input on the projects we are working on because she genuinely admires my input.

Woooo! That is a tall order but I’m gonna’ belive we can do it! I will definitely need the help of some Energizer buddies! 🙂

Thanks Susie! Happy glitter blessings to you!! Anne! 🙂

Ramona says:

Now you’ve made me cry…
Yes, I can’t wait for you to return to Perth so we can spend some time together.
Creating an Art Journal Dream Album just for my mother is exactly what I wish to do, Susie! How Intuitive you are! hehe…or where have I heard that name before♥
Blessings and hugs to you… 🙂 Ramona

Ramona says:

Hi Susie Energizer Buddy!
Here I am, in tentative mode, because the relationship I wish to develop and enhance is with a person who has passed away. I want to do more than develop a relationship, because we really never had one. No, what I want to do is first of all, make peace with her and then picture us together as we could have been, as we would have been, if things had been different between us.
That person is my mother Amanda. I am pledging my effort, my emotional commitment, and some part of every day for the next 30 days – starting May 20th – and beyond, to growing a loving relationship with my mother.
Thank you, Susie.

WoW Ramona!!- you never cease to amaze me and inspire me – it’s so wonderful that Spirit has thrown us together to Energize each other……what a great and courageous 30 DAY BEING-LOVE DARE you have taken on….I can just see some amazing dreams surfacing from your unconscious as well as your ‘scrap’ creations you make of them – what a wonder-full dreaming Journal I could envision you making over the 30 days!! (For others reading check out Ramona’s great work on her blog at♥paged=19) How absolutely special for the beautiful little girl in you who missed out on the sweetness and nourishment of a Mum who delighted in her to be able to now create and relish in many new pictures…And – thanks for the inspiration – I’m putting doing a 30 DAY BEING-LOVE DARE in relation to my mother on my future list – and she is dead too. When I get back to Perth I would love to hang out with you and spend some ‘real’ time ‘exploring’ your creations with you . Much love xx

Fantastic Sarcha!! Look forward to hearing about your new picture of your relationship you are working with. Much Love xx

sarcha says:

Wow Susie. This is looking very exciting. My commitment for the challenge is with my Mum. I commit to take one loving action for all the 30 days every day (using my valuable tool box), some little actions and some nice big flamboyant “flooding” actions… It’s going to be really fun!!

Hello Sarcha dear Excited One,
Thanks for stating your specific actions you will be doing for your Mum for the 30 days. What a great Gift to both her and yourself!
I‘m imagining many discoverings of the extraordinary and magnificent human being your mother is…as well as the mirror to reflect the extraordinary mother and daughter you are…..I look forward to regular updates of your adventure and fun.
Love to you, Susie xx

sarcha thurston says:

Ok Susie
I’m in!! X

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