Deb says:

Great tips & advice to all my friends out there – especially those in relationships….give it a go & share the love!

Thanks dear ♥Deb, thinking of you and sending much ♥LOVE to you, Hope all is well, ♥Susie

Hilary says:

Im having a love affair with myself, delicious dinner by the ocean and peach/passionfriut champagne last weekend and a miraclous sunset and a movie. Working long hours for a couple of weeks in prep for a holiday, I come home and Im always greeted with such an exhuberent welcome, I tussle and stroke and Im licked with a loving tongue, while eyes shine and sparkle at the delight of my arrival, Im reminded to enjoy and be in the moments when love manifests itself thru all aspects, how gratefull I am to be the recipient of such devotion and delight on a wave of love

Dear good friend ♥Hilary,
A ♥LOVE affair with yourself…. mmmmmmmmmmm Great idea – topic for new post I think!
Your sharing always includes such delightful sensuous descriptions of all that is around you….
What a joyous delightful greeting….from your lovely Rosie I presume♥♥ You are indeed a worthy “recipient of such devotion and delight”…..
Love ♥Susie

Yum, yum, yum. Thanks for this expansive, joyfully offered LOVE FEST INVITATION. I’m on the love train with bells and whistles, dancing in the isles and inviting others on at every stop along the way. As usual – your post made me happy… be able to love…..

Yum, Yum, Yum :)……dear heart ♥Elizabeth,
Your excited sharing always energize me. I am so grateful for your what feels like your daily injections of ♥LOVE into my life – like a daily Vitamin ♥E-LOVE, like pure nourishment……You are teaching me so much about giving and receiving and validating.
I am amazed at how profound your comment “your post made me happy… be able to love…” touched me…..
How for many of us we take being able to ♥LOVE another for granted rather than valuing the enormous privilege it is!
How great to be on this great ♥LOVE train together, ♥Susie

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