"This is great stuff! Susie Itzstein and Shelton Huettig rock!" ~ ♡Fiona Trembath-Grimes

"Here's the video from my friend Susie Itzstein of the Institute for Relationship Development. I love her and her husband's message and their work, and I like the point they make that while most of us wouldn't think twice about going to a specialist for our physical ailments, many of us won't seek help with our relationship ailments (including our relationship with ourselves!)."  ♡Jane Garapick.

"Check out the ♥ HEART ♥ work of Susie Itzstein in their short video."  ♡Kathryn Costa.

"I've met these two inspiring people through Dale Beaumont's Business Blueprint program for small business. They're truly building a business with heart and integrity. Love what you do - so critically important to the health and happiness of society. Check out their video." ♡Belinda Marsh

"These are colleagues of mine in Australia who are just as committed to the transformation of relationships in the world. They are amazing!" ♡Joi Dupre, Certified Imago Relationship Educator.

Thank you Susie and Shelton for all you do for others and for helping couples and making the world a better place for couples like Peggy and Me. You are a beautiful couple on the inside and on the outside; you lift my spirit" ~ ♡Doug Wilson.


♥Happily ever after does happen! Create Life-Long Extraordinary Relationships

♥Happily ever after does happen! 'Like falling in ♥LOVE for the first time'..

Relationship Help: "Wish we'd done it 30 years ago" - married 40yrs

♥Happily ever after does happen! "Having Communication ♥TOOLS when things flare up

"Susie Itzstein & Shelton Huettig, your workshops, continuous support, positive Facebook posts and friendship have transformed my marriage & relationships in general.
Thank you" ♡Tammy Amor




"I love the positiveness of direction in relationships and the fulfillment that is achievable by doing the work that you both teach. Best of all is that it is achievable in all of us, individuals and couples ♥♥♥" ♡Anne

Thank you Susie and Shelton for your ability to assist in transforming our lives for the better. ♡Andrew Kingsford

"Just thinking of you Susie and thankful for what a bright light you are to me and so many! :)"
♡Anne Bean.

"I can totally recommend this work to rescue and transform a relationship.
It can be tough but it is worth it on a personal, professional & relational level.
Never give up hope.....in anything.......With these guys.........everything is possible"   ♡Gaelia Hunt

 "Every day I read your posts and learn so much but this one is going to change my life. Enormous thanks and gratitude Susie and Shelton for the time you spend each day doing this - you both have a gift for touching hearts and spreading love xx"  ♡Catriona Lightfoot


 ♡David Deeley said:

"Thanks to Shelton and yourself for a great weekend. Stuff has been moving for Susan and I since the workshop. I have particularly enjoyed the 'holding' exercise. We are both practicing the various techniques and are getting better at mirroring the good stuff as a precursor to the more difficult stuff when it eventually arises..."

and from his partner ♡Susan Shobbrook:
"I had the most beautiful weekend with David at the workshop - thank you Susie and Shelton. Even though we are supposedly still in the          "romantic" stage of our relationship - we are very grateful for the tools we are learning to handle the more difficult times, as well as keep our love banks full. It was the perfect gift to give ourselves before our marriage. You two are great - what you are teaching is so valuable."


And from ♡David Hardwicke:

"Deanne and I had the most enlightening weekend and we are very grateful
to you all - you are such a wonderful group of people.
We look forward to meeting you all again soon."



♡Chris Shaw says: "This beautiful photo speaks volumes about the impact this weekend has had on rekindling the love we have for each other....... after 30+ years! "Thank you for an amazing weekend guys! My Darling has a migraine this morning and I can't believe how loving and caring I'm feeling towards him..... xox"

and her husband ♡Murray: "Wow what an experience over the weekend. Whilst attending with a half open heart and mind, I came away overwhelmed with the discovery of who I am and what I am to my wife Chris. Whilst expecting a self examination of what is wrong with us, the opposite occurred  I experienced an enlightening learning of Physiology and Psychology resulting in a remarkable discovery of self. The realization of how I am being can impact so deeply upon the other person. The weekend for me was more than just my relationship with Chris (although the most important), but a discovery of how I impact on everyone around me. Curiously I experienced a draining head ache on the Monday and could visualize brown muddy muck flowing and purging out of my body. I think it was a physiological cleansing reaction to letting love occur within, and the headache subsequently subsided. Thank you so much Susie and Shelton for facilitating, although I felt you were more like enlightened participants than teachers, through your personal dialogue and sharing.

"Shelton, with Susie his beloved, help couples
work on making more love together in their lives.
Mez and I have spent many weekends working with
them and know it first hand.
If you have any issues with your darling and need a hand,
contact them for assistance" ♡Lisa Sutherland-Fraser

"I think of Susie's and Shelton's wise words daily, anyone who wants to improve their relationships
need to check them out 🙂 " ♡Mez Moon

"I am always singing the praises of Imago relationship work and the amazingly transformative workshops you wonderful guys do. Maurie and I did one with you in 2006 which helped tremendously in moving us out of crisis and gave us the knowledge
and the tools to work with. Maintenance is vital ....thanks for playing a vital part in our lives.......
We now live in Nelson, New Zealand which been a part of beginning a new life and still practice some of the valuable.....in fact, indispensable techniques you teach and share. Love you guys" ♡Margie Austin

"Susie and Shelton are great teachers of Imago...I thoroughly recommend their work."
~ ♡Dr Margaret Jiin Ngu from Transformational Medicine Australia for wholistic and complementary medicine."

"I have done this course and it's great for couples and singles in any stages of a relationship and gives you great tools. The books by Dr Harville Hendrix and his partner are fantastic and can be used in your relationships with life partners, with your children and even the principles in your daily lives at work. I don't recommend things lightly but do check this out....."  ♡Katherine Chapman




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