‘Me-Time’ and Look. Look look LOOK around you♥

by susiesheartpathblog on June 15, 2012

LOVE TIP – Friday June 15th, 2012

Hello Special Ones

Such a beautiful Winter's day today.....a sunny day after the heavy fierce storms...a day perfect for doing what I needed most.....just getting away......away from all the responsibilities.......all the demands......Just Being.......Life has felt so full on that I just had to.....Just had 'to escape' out into our bush for a reviving looooooong walk.....♥Shelton and I together out in Nature.......breathing in the healing and alive energy of Mother Earth........ so still and quiet yet the song of the creek and the birds serenading us....the air so refreshing and sweet......so rejuvenating......the amazing smell of the bush, of the eucalypts and wattles after the rain......lush growth and abundance all around.....Nature ever the transformer! So grateful....

Do you have days when you just have to get away♥.........

Walking, walking, walking..... following the creek.....ending up at The Falls in John Forrest National Park which were surging forth and gushing after our recent heavy winter rains.....

Just take a moment will you and zoom in on this picture.....What do you see♥ Says one of my dear BB's [Blogging Buddies] ♥Susan Lobb-Porter:

Look. Look look LOOK around you.

"How to narrow my focus down to a piece of the whole,  And expand my world in the doing. How to find elements of design and beauty in what others would pass off as mundane.........."

♥Susan sweetums [who regularly nourishes and inspires me] wrote a post on Tuesday on her blog Oo La la! Living the Arty Life called On Seeing about her art teacher ♥Marion who taught her how to see.....She taught her to look for:

"The quality of a line. Or light. The indefinable something that sets one square inch off against another......"

Since then everywhere I am looking I am seeing through different eyes. I am normally one who does see "beauty in what others would pass off as mundane.........." yet since ♥Susan's post it's like she's there on the walk with me saying "Look at this.......,"..... "Hey, what about over here......."...... Out in an environment like the bush I am bombarded with line, colour, texture, depth, contrast, design, beauty.........oh my gosh, how many colours of green or brown are there in the bush♥♥............ Look at the shades of brown in the rocks at the Falls... the texture and the treasures in this rock pool....

........and YES you guessed it! Play we did........ALL sorts of things!..... And here's ♥Sheltini making a rock pile as a ♥Random Act of Art, LOVE & Kindness......

Don't you just love a man who joins in and humours your 'quirky' endeavours!!!

'Seeing with new eyes' is a ♥TOOL/concept we teach in our relationship work.  Looking at 'the other' through the eyes of ♥LOVE....being  a ♥LOVE-Finder instead of a Fault-Finder. Looking with a different focus, through different filters/lens which will "expand my world in the doing...." 

Questions for you: Where do you go to rejuvenate♥ What do you do♥ What or who do you need to spend some time seeing with new eyes♥ 

MIRRORING TOPIC: Share with someone what touches or stands out for you in this post. MIRROR each other for a minimum of 5 minutes your answers to the above questions.

There's also lots of memories out here in the bush for me.......Winter was the main time we had family picnics and adventures up in the Hills when we were kids. We had much fun.......being 'let loose' in the bush to play.......climbing rocks, paddling in the creeks........walking for hours on the miles and miles of the Mundaring Weir water pipes.....what fun and freedom we had back then when it was safe to let young children go off alone and play and explore in the bush....

And by the way - WooHoo!  - I celebrate me as it is ♥Day 89 of my ♥90 Day Walking Project!! I am thrilled!

AND how amazing it is! We were marveling that we had this whole magical place to ourselves - such a beautiful environment in other parts of the world would have heaps of tourists. It is the John Forrest National Park after all! Yay for Perth being an 'isolated city'!! ♥♥

And one final Gift for me to cherish. It is remarkable how a simple act can cause such feelings of ♥LOVE...... on our return walk dear ♥Shelton had gone on ahead of me on the track and left me this message........

[♥BIG NOTE here to all the men reading - I have found generally women feel very touched and ♥LOVE-d by heartfelt handmade gifts such as this message ♥Shelton left me - especially when given 'just because......' Is that true for you women♥ Do you agree♥]

Hope you are getting out into Nature in your corner of the world and enjoying the Beauty, the Healing and the Lessons....and finding LOVE everywhere......LOVE Susie

♥"One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now." ~ Paulo Coelho♥

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thanks for the deep exhale…..drinking this in deeply
…..stirs up the glad in me:):):)

dearest ♥Jennifer,
your words always succinct…
well- chosen
caress me…..…..”stir up the glad in me”
♥♥l♥v♥♥ with a grateful-filled heart, Susie

Shawn says:

Thank you Susie <3 That was a beautiful sharing and yes I do SEE many things that others would never even notice so I understand <3 I can get lost in it all. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the beautiful walk with us. 😉 I also loved Shelton's special message he left ahead for you to discover. 🙂

Also Congrats on day 89 of 90 on walking adventures!!! 😉 That's inspiring! <3

Hello new Friend ♥Shawn,
The brief sharings we have done I certainly would imagine you as someone who “SEES many things that others would never even notice” and those who do that pretty well always know how to “get lost in it all”…..It’s such a nurturing experience hey♥
Thanks for the ♥Congratulations for my ‘walking adventures’ – now at ♥DAY 94. Yippppeeeeee – I am over the moon about how inspiring and rewarding it feels to me 🙂
LOVE Susie♥

Nicola says:

Thank you Susie for sharing your adventure….. loved Shelton’s declaration of LOVE…. Imbibe all your bush has to offer and let it trickle through your day ‘back in reality’ whenever you need inspiration from the perspiration.

Hello dear ♥Nicola,
I’ve missed hearing from you and your ♥heartfelt comments. Welcome back.
I remember your comments greeting me most mornings when I opened my page and how connecting and ♥LOVE-ing and affirming that felt to me. I hold that memory of you in my heart♥
Yes dear ♥Shelton’s declaration of ♥LOVE is such a special gift.
And letting it ALL keep trickling through my days….is such a lovely image. Thank you!
Look forward to more visiting from you, ♥LOVE Susie.

Ahh, sweet Susie…wandering through the bush inhaling the storm-washed freshness. Seeing the whole and it’s parts in a new light. And coming across Shelton’s RAAK just for you. Sounds like a wonderful day : ) Mmmph…that’s a great big kiss just for you! xo

Ahh, ♥Susan sweetums……Mmmmph great big kiss received and blown back to you over the oceans…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ l♥v♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Yes!….. such a wonderful day and all the better to have you walking with us….
It amazes me how we can share so much and we have never met in the physical. I think what we are sharing is like the Internet-age form of pen-friends….
And Wow – see how far your ♥RAAK inspirings are spreading – even to Mr Spouses!
LOVE sweet Susie♥

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