Leaving Ambala and leaving India for now……I am grateful

by susiesheartpathblog on March 4, 2011

Friday – 4th March 2011 

We had a short time in the morning for some shopping to check out some clothes for Zoe and me. We were delighted that Gaurav’s mum came along to help us by translating. We were interested in looking at buying a salwah kameez. The salwah is a loosely fit pair of pants where the legs are often wider at the top and narrow at the ankle. The kameez is a long shirt of tunic length which goes down to just above the knee. On a female the salwah kameez ensemble is completed by wearing a loose scarf around the shoulders. The fabrics are often embroidered or beaded and with sequins. 

Gaurav's sister Rachna is wearing a salwah kameez with a cardigan over the top...

We were amazed to be shown many wonderful colours and patterns - or maybe it was just me who was amazed as Zoe has done this before and already has a fine collection of different types of garments - and Zoe found another one to add to her wardrobe and I got many ideas for when we return in October. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me. The range of colours and materials and patterns and textures were extraordinary.

It wasn’t long before we needed to say our goodbyes and be on the road again to Delhi in time to catch our late evening flight to return to Australia via Singapore. On the way back on our drive we had many hours for discussing the wedding and first of all was choosing the date. October 6th was chosen as the date which works best – it is one of the dates that has been offered by the priest as one of the auspicious and optimal dates for their wedding, it fits our work schedules and an added bonus is it Vijayadashari or Vijayadashami which is a festival day that is celebrated as Lord Rama’s victory over the devil and evil….. the age-old Victory of Good over Evil….seen as adding much good energy…

It was really great to have the wedding to plan so the long hours zipped by with Gaurav outlining the different ceremonies that will take place. I very much hope our family and friends are going to be able to make the journey to India to take part in this once in a lifetime experience. An Indian wedding means days of ceremonies, rituals, food and hundreds of guests…

Our journey back was more of the same yet the drive this time seemed to be split into two sections - as it was daylight this time we could notice the first 100kms was more rural so the roads were more rough and as well as the huge amount of cars and trucks there were more tractors on the road, bicycles piled high, people walking along the edge of the road, oxen pulling carts, auto rickshaws carrying people to the fullest capacity which invariably meant with people hanging out…the occasional cow,….the never-ceasing beeping of the horn which drivers do as soon as they get near another vehicle – usually indicating it seems - get out-of-the-way, I’m coming through  - irrespective  of how small the space is….everyone is zipping around trying to get ahead of the next guy….

Then suddenly after about 100kms there are really 3 lanes on the road and it is a reasonable freeway and we get to go at a speed of about 90 kms per hour….until we reach Delhi which takes us at least an hour to cross….an experience in itself….not recommended for the faint-hearted or for any westerner to drive.

I always have the feeling when I am in these different cultures of – ….there but for the grace of God go I…....…I am intrigued by the different life experiences one has according to where they are born and the family they grow up in. It makes me look at my life in a different light – to look through a different lens – the outcome is I end up always feeling grateful for all that I have.   

Question for you: What are you grateful for in your life♥ Who needs to hear that you are grateful for them♥ Who would benefit from you appreciating them today♥

I am grateful for you and thank you for journeying with me and believing in me, my love to you, Susie.

‘The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment.’ Susan Hayward

‘The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes’ - Marcel Proust 

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Hello Glenys & Brett and Catriona,
So good to hear from you Brisbane folk! Haven’t had contact for ages and I’ve missed you! Thanks for the acknowledgements.
I am touched and filled by the tenderness of your love for your beautiful Catriona, Brett. You guys are definitely in the category of “Master” Appreciators!!

As far as our schedule we are now in Perth till March 22nd (only 13 more sleeps) when fly to Miami, USA to go on board our Southern Caribbean Cruise which includes the full 5-Day Basic Training with Donna Eden in Energy Medicine – http://www.innersource.net/em/
From there we go to Seattle on April 3 where we are till the end of June when we will return to Australia flying into Melbourne June 29th for workshops in the first 2 weeks in July. How wonderful and how grateful we are to be able to enjoy so many special places on our Earth.
We haven’t scheduled any further workshops after that yet but we would love to come to Brisbane………love and hugs to you xxx

Brett and Catriona says:

Susie, Shelton,
what a wonderful adventure, your story has been very insprational to both of us. I love the thoughtful reminders that you have woven through your story. I feel so wonderfully blessed to have my beautiful wife and will pay an appreciation right now !!
Thank you so much for sharing and we are both looking forward to seeing you both again shortly,
Love Brett XXX

Glenys Anderson says:

Wow Susie, what an adventure. Plus an indian wedding to throw into the mix. I am looking forward to talking with you when you return to Perth. Give me a ring as I am not sure exactly when you do get back – obviously in the next few days I suppose. If you are coming through Brisbane let me know so I can catch up with you. lots love Glenys xxx

Hi Kelly and Hilary,
It’s great to hear from you both. It’s wonderful to know you are there reading the stories …it makes it much more meaningful for me. And yes Kelly, thanks for asking – what a great idea to describe the food in detail – I didn’t think of doing that. I’ll have a go at it but obviously being there taking pictures of the buffet and the dishes, etc….would work best. The finer detail might have to wait till we return and guess what!! – We are still waiting to sort out some details but it looks like we are going again for the second half of September. I’ll update everyone on that as soon as possible…..And yes Hilary it is fabulous, exciting news about Zoe. Love to you both xx

Hilary says:

Ho Susie!
Fabulous news, much love to Zoe from Myself, Bec & Brea
How exciting!
Enjoyed hearing your news and the walk in your shoes
At times I felt I was there, just as a muse….
Love Hilary

Kelly says:

I am grateful for reading your daily blogs! The Indian trip sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear about the food! What a priceless experience for you. Kelly

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