Selamat Datang di Bali…and to 2013♡

January 19, 2013

♥LOVE TIP – Saturday January 19, 2013 “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax — Of cabbages — and kings — And why the sea is boiling hot — And whether pigs have wings”......... Translated that means it's time for me to say a […]

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Warm Fuzzy Hill and the original Warm Fuzzy Tale♥

December 15, 2012

♥LOVE TIP – Saturday December 15, 2012 Hello Friends♥ This afternoon we went to a neighbourhood Christmas gathering/party that was generously hosted by one of our neighbours and we got to meet lots of new young people who have moved into our area in the last few years......We live in a rural area in the Hills about […]

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Change your posture to change your body chemistry, your power and your life.

December 9, 2012

♥LOVE TIP – Sunday December 9, 2012 Hello Friends ♥ Are you anxious about facing a job interview or people/situations you feel threatened around or some other important life or relationship task? Holding your body in "high-power" poses for short time periods can bring up an extra surge of power and sense of well-being.  Amy Cuddy shows that positioning our bodies a certain […]

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To Fly

December 6, 2012

Hello Friends♥ "To read is to fly.................." I just had to share this amazing post by Steve McCurry with you........I am very touched by everything about brilliant and beautiful.........Drink deeply! LOVE Susie♥ by

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we remember moments….♥the wedding

November 14, 2012

♥LOVE TIP – Wednesday November 14th, 2012 Hello Lovelies♡ You Folks are really THE BEST for being so patient with me for not showing up here for some time......... A BIG Thank You........ 🙂 ♡♥♡ This past couple of weeks have been truly memorable - firstly because horror-of-horrors I had the major disaster of my computer shutting down and not […]

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♥LOVE-ing yourself…

October 31, 2012

♥LOVE TIP  – Wednesday 31st October, 2012 Dear Friends♥ Tomorrow is the beginning of the NOVEMBER 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign.  The SPECIAL FOCUS we are suggesting for the NOVEMBER Being-♥LOVE Campaign is ♥LOVE-ing YOURSELF - appreciating YOUR PRECIOUS SELF..... YES YOU!!......What a great gift to give to yourself - focusing your ♥LOVE and attention and acceptance and approval on yourself for […]

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♥kindred spirits and how imagination can shape who we become…

October 23, 2012

♥LOVE TIP  – Tuesday 23rd October, 2012 Hello dear Friends♥ My deep gratitude♥ to you my wonderful patient and loyal readers. My last post was Monday 8th October. I started writing this one on Sunday October 14th and to my utter and complete amazement it is now 15 days later - Tuesday 23rd October  - such a long time since I've posted!!! […]

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You’ve got The X-Factor…♥

October 8, 2012

♥LOVE TIP  – Monday October 8th, 2012 I was touched by the simplicity and the depth of this started me reflecting on the many little "extra" things that people do for me each day......and all the hundreds...... no thousands.... of other things I experience other people doing in the world everyday....that makes one amazing and wondrous […]

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What nurtures and revives your soul?…♥

October 5, 2012

♥LOVE TIP  – Friday October 5th, 2012 Dear Friends♥ Feeling veeerrry low in energy.....and thinking I would like to be writing a blog how about nurturing and indulging myself by playing with and sharing some of my favourite things, thinks I....... And those who know me will guess straight away what that is ........Yes! it's being in […]

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holidays don’t have to end…♥

October 3, 2012

♥LOVE TIP  – Wednesday October 3rd, 2012 Hello Friends♥ We arrived back home to glorious Springtime Warm Fuzzy Hill a few hours ago from hot sweaty tropical beautiful is our earth and how so fortunate we are to be able to travel so easily to so many amazing places in the world... Tonight I thought I […]

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