DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday September 21, 2011

Hello precious Ones,

Keep it Simple is my message today to myself and my offering to you!!

Here’s the thought of the day:

It is better
to be hated
for what you are
than to be loved
for what you are not


MIRRORING TOPIC: share about the meaning of this for you for a minimum of 5 minutes. Where in your life are you not being authentically you♥ What is your SIMUStory I Make Up – about what is stopping you♥  

….. message drawn from Louise Hay’s Power Thought cards

Todays’ Addition to Shelton’s list of ♥favourite things is……coffee!! Strong black freshly brewed coffee. Well he is American isn’t he!! It is an interesting fact to me that a few years back we couldn’t buy a kettle in Seattle to boil water in for a cup of tea which is what I drink. We had to buy one up in Canada in Vancouver which is 3 hours driving north of Seattle. Don’t you think that is amazing♥…..In Australia most of the places where you visit one of the first things people say is shall I put the kettle on♥ :O)

Enjoy this beautiful day, many blessings,  ♥LOVE from a grateful  SUSIE