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by on September 14, 2012

LOVE TIP – Friday September 14, 2012

Hello Folks

I didn't hear from anyone following the recent post where I asked people to name one new thing they would do as a practice to bring more ♥LOVE into their life everyday for the next month……..

So ♥Lovelies, the Story I Make Up [my SIMU] is either you: -
- didn't read the post
- didn't like that post
- aren't interested in the exercises that I suggest
- didn't like that exercise
- think that what you have to share isn't relevant or important, or doesn't matter.........
- are all very private
- are all very busy
- are all so deliriously happy and feeling so ♥LOVE-ing and ♥LOVE-able bringing more ♥LOVE into your life is not relevant
- are still thinking about it
- are.........

So what am I doing here? I am guessing or imagining. And if ‘the other’ doesn’t tell you how it is for them you will have to keep doing that.

At one level it is fun guessing and taking note of the Stories I Make Up - my SIMU!..... And at another level it is troubling and there are hazards with doing that as we are not able to be sure what the reason is when we are not getting input or feedback from "the other".

my SIMU - "Story I Make Up"

The SIMU or the Story I Make Up is another ☆TOOL in our Relationship and Communication ♥TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST.  





Other words to describe my SIMU are:

  • my interpretations 
  • my assumptions
  • my opinions.....
  • what I presume....

SIMUs show up when we are trying to make sense of things.

There are two main areas that having SIMUs gets us into bother in relationships:

1. When people don’t say anything, or give any input or feedback as to what is happening for them, or have withdrawn and shut down when there is an exchange between you and them, you will make up your own interpretation as to what is going on. What happens is you can only guess, interpret or ‘make up’ what you think is going on. People find it very hard to tolerate 'a vacuum'. Humans have an instinct ‘to make meaning’ of their environment of what is going on around them. People relax when things make sense!

2. When you are frustrated with the behaviour of ‘the other’ and you are criticizing them you will describe them using your interpretation of the events or circumstances. Your SIMUs could be about ‘the other’ or about yourself.

People often think what they are experiencing, or their reality, or their opinion, as 'the truth' when often times it is simply that - their reality or their opinion or their interpretation. This happens 99% of the time when there is conflict happening and two people have different opinions as to what is going on and are clashing about it. There isn't a right or a wrong way - just different perspectives.

The biggest problem with this is that ‘the story’ or interpretation people "make up” is through the lens/filter they perceive the world/reality through. And it is based in their history! Often times this won’t be the way ‘the other’ sees/ experiences it – in fact I would say this is always the case when there is conflict and disagreements and this is especially strongest in people’s primary relationships.

The other problem is that people experience/see things more often through a negative lens. People generally don't choose the positive reality as their first option and generally don’t give 'the other' "the benefit of the doubt".

We need to become aware of our own bias, our view or perception of the world which is largely unconscious.

In Dr. Patricia Love and Dr. Steven Stosny’s book How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It: Love Beyond Words [or the paperback version in Australia -Why Women Talk and Men Walkas an aside I do highly recommend this book if you want to understand what is going on at an unconscious level in relationships and you want to change your life!!] they say (p.128):

“Your view of the world is shaped by your experience and is therefore highly biased toward your point of view … The more an association is made, the more it increases the probability that you will make the same association in the future. We have thousands of different associations and memories based on our past experiences.”

They use the simple example of what comes up for people when thinking of the word DOG – you may think of your dog, a particular breed of dog, a scary encounter with a snarling, menacing dog, that they are man's best friend…..and so on and on........ So there's no such thing as a DOG or any other object being "neutral" - it is perceived as your prior experience of it – which is especially inflexible if that experience was negative and traumatic!

A very good example for me of this that always comes to mind, is watching the late Steve Irwin referring to his crocodiles and snakes in such a sweet and endearing way. For most people they equal fear, danger and running in the other direction and he treats them like his best friends as did his children from a very young age.......It's an excellent example of what is repeated in the environment for children becomes their reality.....and it is mostly transmitted by 'osmosis', by just being around whoever is influencing them...

You experience everything through your own lens and all you see is your own point of view....You experience what is wired inside you:
You see what you have always seen,
You hear what you have always heard,
And you experience what you have always experienced.
The world is what you expect it to be!
It is important not to underestimate how strong these associations are.

And unfortunately, the points of view/filters that get you the behaviours you don’t want are largely unconscious to you and automatic.

From earliest childhood, your brain is formed and wired according to what is repeated in the environment around you. Whatever is repeated over and over and modelled to you becomes your perception of who you are and what you can expect from the world.

According to Pat and Steven, citing neuroscience research:

“Once an association is made, it not only increases the probability that you will make that same association but also decreases the probability you will see it any other way. P.131…

And  When you are wired to see negative, you will see negative!”

So, to begin changing this what you need to do is uncover your own templates/pictures /images/stories of what you think the world is like especially in the area of committed relationships and change the ones that aren’t supporting you getting the ♥LOVE and connection you want.

Question for you: What are your  SIMUs/ beliefs that are sabotaging the ♥LOVE  you are getting/not getting?

♡Tom and ♡Bella are a young married couple who are very much in ♥LOVE. They are committed to creating the most ♥LOVE-ing marriage they can…. AND they have this stumbling block - or if we use the imagery/metaphor from the recent post - there is 'a hole' or pattern they both fall into.

What happens is ♡Bella grew up in a house where she had a very critical, very judgmental attacking ♡Mum......which with consistent repetition wired her brain to believe that is the way the world is and the way she is. She is very attuned to what people say and what they think about her.....and because of her experience with her Mum she mostly interprets people as being critical of her and that they will notice that there is something wrong with her ....it is her SIMU – the story she makes up based on what she learned about herself and about the people who were significant to her as she was growing up.

Her Mum lacked faith in her abilities......she didn’t think that she would be able to do the things that she asked of her and when she did do things she usually criticized and attacked her for doing them in the wrong way.

And so when her husband says something her subconscious scans it very quickly looking for what's wrong with what she's done.....and because of the way her brain is wired very often she will interpret [her SIMU] what he says as critical statements about her when they could be quite neutral. Her SIMU’s are -

  • I’m not good enough,
  • I can’t do anything right,
  • I’m unlovable...

Added to this she wasn’t able to speak up and share about how she experienced things as her Mum's tongue was very sharp and her sarcastic comments cut her to the bone so this little girl learned to shut up and not argue with Mum. And that little girl would escape to her room as soon as she could because there was no way she could win around her Mum.

Other interpretations [her SIMU’s] are:

  • If I share my opinion 'the other' [Mum] will be so angry they will completely over run me
  • My opinion doesn’t matter and it isn’t safe to share it.
  • It won’t achieve anything positive
  • I can’t do anything to make 'the other' [Mum] believe me or make them [Mum] happy.

And what happens now as an adult when she gets triggered and upset is she will defend and protect herself in the ways she learned when she was a little girl - she withdraws physically and emotionally vanishes for quite a long period of time.......

This is an automatic response that is driven by, and kept in place by, her unconscious and physiology....it is wired into her neural pathways! This contributes to why it is so hard to change these moves just by having  awareness of them....

Add to this, whenever there is conflict/withdrawal your partner or 'the other' will have their own range of reactions and will have their own selection of SIMU’s. And this is what happens with ♡Bella’s husband……

In conflict people are not relating person to person - they are relating story to story. It is also important to note that people often think that their SIMUs are their feelings and usually share them as their feelings - 'I feel that ….....…'or 'I feel like…....….' This has the consequence of people believing it is reality or 'the truth' when really it is just their opinion/story. For example: I feel that you are selfish or I feel like you don’t care about me……These are thoughts and opinions/interpretations.....



So when ♡Bella thinks and feels what she thinks and feels and then because of her SIMUs she reacts by withdrawing and shutting down emotionally she and her partner are creating what we call the CYCLE OF REACTIVITY.


So in relationships it is important to:

  • share your reality/opinion/version of what is going on with ‘the other’
  • own it as simply your reality / your SIMU
  • get curious when your reality clashes with ‘the other’ – as 95% of the time it will be about your history and not the content you are arguing over
  • be very attentive and protective when ‘the other’ [or yourself] is coming from their SIMU as at that point they have ‘slipped’ into a ‘child part/reality and at that time what is most needed is understanding and compassion from you.
  • Honour that the ‘stories’ make sense given the environment people grew up in, whilst knowing that together part of the gift of committed relationships is to make it safe enough to change those ‘stories’ to ones that are LOVE-ing of the self  and ‘the other’.

Take gentle care unraveling your stories and much sweet LOVE-ing to you, Susie

“To be loved, be lovable.” ~ Ovine

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Shawn says:

Hi Susie,
What I have learned along my journey is that we are all processing and moving through our own stuff and if you read the book “The Four Agreements” one of those agreements is to not take anything personally. It’s something we all struggle with at some point. 🙂 What I have learned through my own understanding is we are all deeply in a part of our own inner world right now. It’s calling us to go within and follow our intuition in each moment.

So for me at this stage in my own journey waking up in the present and going where my higher self wants to take me is my top and highest priority. We can easily get distracted by others agendas or their wants and desires. So for example you post an exercise for those interested and I see it and it’s not on my need or priority list because it’s not pertinent to my path at this moment so I choose to release it KNOWING those who are meant or called will use it. 🙂

In my own understanding of myself I can then see that is what others are doing for theirselves. 🙂 There is no need to KNOW what others are thinking or doing but just an understanding that everyone is doing exactly what they need in any given moment. 😉

This removes a lot of that head chatter trying to distract us and tell us lies. 🙂 Just assume that everyone is doing what THEY need for their own inner journey and if no one is talking or sharing that is what I know is happening. 🙂 If no one replies to my email or my posts that is ok ALWAYS as there are never expectations always knowing those who are meant to see or share will. 🙂 It is freedom and allowing. 🙂 It’s beautiful. 🙂

I’m sorry I haven’t participated but I love your posts. 🙂 I am just in a different stage of my journey already having done so much of this myself. 🙂 And it may sound selfish not so share it but I do as I follow my own path each day. 🙂 Those who come to me or are in need will find what they need at the most perfect time. 🙂 We all have to follow our own timing and divine sacred space. If we can all know and trust that then we won’t have so many misunderstandings with anyone. 😉 It’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

I love you!

Welcome Nicole♡,
I am grateful and thrilled to have you visit here. YES this is a super important message as it is underneath all escalating reactivity…..
When teaching and coaching people we find it is so prevalent that people ‘make up a story’ and present it as “reality” that I decided we needed a new word to describe it……
So Tah Dah!…. I am humbly excited to share that I invented the word SIMU.
It helps so much for people to be able to just say “my story is………” or “my SIMU is……..” when they are sharing sensitive issues with ‘the other’….
Absolutely crucial life ☆Skills everyone needs and we so need teachers like you who are committed to teaching kids these ☆Skills. Thank You!

We teach that ALL stories are extremely powerful! Every time ‘the other’ is behaving in a “crazy way” that seems bewildering to you (or as well when you behave in a way that you can’t understand how or why you could possibly have done that!) there is ‘a child within trying to tell their story’ and no-one before has given them the ♥LOVE-ing attention they’ve needed to tell the story…..

Our job as partners, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, counselors……..etc…… is to make it SAFE enough for them to tell how it is for them…..which means we need to learn the ♥TOOLS and ☆Skills to do so….hard to do when we disagree with the other as parents often do with their kids, especially teenagers…..

Hope my long response hasn’t felt too much! There’s so much great stuff to write about on this topic and I know others appreciate the info in the comments. Grateful for you stimulating me. ♡LOVE & appreciation, Susie ♥

Important message here Susie. I like the way you refer to it as SIMU, it seems clearer than saying ‘mind read’. Stories can be extremely powerful however, as you say, we need to be mindful and recognise whose story it is. These are the literacy skills we need our kids to learn too. 🙂

Gaelia says:

Susie you cant give half a story!!!!!!!!!
What is Tom’s SIMU?
Love the post by the way – just want the rest of the story!
Blessings Gaelia.

Hi Gaelia♥
So what you are saying is I can’t give half a story!!!!!!!!! And you want to know what is Tom’s SIMU? OK Hearing you loud and clear!…..
You’ve got me thinking it would be good to include his story as part of the next step which is creating the Cycle of Positivity [another ♥TOOL in our Communication ♥TOOLBOX] which replaces the Cycle of Reactivity…..in another post.
Wondering if others would appreciate that as well? May be an idea to ask Tom if he would be willing to tell his story…. 🙂
So who else would like to hear the other side of the story?
LOVE and blessings, Susie♥

Sam says:

Hi Susie – we loved your post today! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. Invaluable. Love from us x

Hi Sam♥,
I value hearing from you and receiving your appreciation. Great to have you comment here on the blog. Hope we get to ‘hear your voice’ here more often. Much ♥LOVE and gratitude to you both, Susie♥

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