Want Help To Create the Relationships of Your Dreams?…♡

"This is a revolutionary view of relationships: rather than leaving it to find yourself, you find yourself through it - being the right partner is more important than picking the right partner."
~ Dr. Harville Hendrix


Happily Ever After DOES Happen!... 

Matt and Stephanie share about their experience of attending
the Couples Communication Workshop:

I realised I could be happy...and get what I wanted...

"What I got out of the weekend was like falling in LOVE, like for the first time. Not re-capturing the spark, but it was really like I just felt much, much closer. Absolutely amazing and I realised...I hadn't actually thought that I could be happy...that I could get what I wanted out of our relationship.... I realised that could have only ever happened in the Workshop. It's not like we read a book and say hey let's do this.....so I'm really grateful and I'm really excited about our future."
(Background track Om Tara from the 'Fierce Wisdom' by our beautiful friend, ♡Chloe Goodchild)

Learn How To Create Life-Long

Exceptional & Exciting Relationships!

Relationships Are Easy If You Know How!

We consider RELATIONSHIPS and learning communication ♡TOOLS and Skills as
All life is about being in relationship, whether it is with partners, children, family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours and with yourself.

It's about communicating and truly connecting.

Everyone needs to have the best up-to-date communication ♡TOOLS and Skills.
These need to be learned in much the same way as we need to learn to read.
We are not born knowing how!
And we need to regularly update these.

Many don't need therapy but EVERYONE needs Relationship Education to create the relationships and ♡LOVE and life they want.

Healthy relationships are the foundation of a healthy society.

We are in the business of teaching such ♡TOOLS and Skills
It is our privilege to be of service to you.


- have the knowledge to attract and pick 'the right partner' to make your marriage/committed relationships stay ♡LOVE-ing and alive and last a lifetime
- have the ♡TOOLS to create, build and strengthen your relationships and the SKILLS to repair and heal any relationship or parenting break-down, disconnection or conflict.
- live in a ♡LOVE-ing world where divorce and violence and family breakdown are rare


To teach the MIND-SET and provide

A Relationship and CommunicationTOOLBOX

of the best, simple, effective, and easy to put into action ♡TOOLS and SKILLS to create the ♡LOVE, relationships and life you want.


The SERVICES we offer:

  • Private Counselling/Therapy SESSIONS - either in person or online (via Skype or Facetime)
  • WORKSHOPS – usually 20 hours over a weekend
  • ♡LOVE-LIFE RETREATS: 7 -10 days

Marriages/relationships/families do heal after affairs, separations and all kinds of disconnection, break-down and conflict.

You can learn to create the true ♡LOVE you long for with the partner you already have.

THE KEY is you have TO DO something different.
You will need to be taught how, as well as repair the damage that has been done. 


Susie Itzstein BA & Shelton Huettig MA, MFT are the Directors of The Institute for Relationship Development.

We are highly experienced relationship counsellors and educators based in Darlington, Western Australia. We have trained in a wide range of therapeutic models and bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and compassion to our work.

We are Advanced Clinicians in IMAGO Relationship Therapy (created by Dr Harville Hendrix) and were the original certified Imago Workshop Presenters in Australia.

For over two and a half decades we have had the privilege of teaching and mentoring thousands of participants in our Imago Relationship Therapy Workshops for Couples, Individuals, Singles and Parents throughout Australia, USA, Canada and elsewhere in the world.

more about us here...


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it" ~ Rumi.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
~ Nelson Mandela.



We are committed to educating people
how to create and build happy, successful,
♡LOVE-ing & conscious relationships and families.
Our professional services provide practical, user-friendly
therapy, counselling, educational Workshops, and ♡LOVE-LIFE Retreats
for couples, individuals, singles, families and therapists.

  Relationships Are Easy If You Know How! 

 Happily Ever After DOES Happen!...


Greetings Friends♡ 

Where have we been? On January 12, 2019 it was 5 years since the BushFire. If you want to read more about how it was for us P.F. [Post Fire] check out the posts on Susies♥HeartPathBlog

SEE: Category Archives: BUSHFIRE Destruction & Aftermath starting at the bottom of the list - January 26, 2014 -  Bushfire destroys our family home at Warm Fuzzy Hill…


Many requests and gentle nudges have set us in motion to organize, schedule and once again present our WORKSHOPS after our long recovery and healing break. Notifications of new  ♡LOVE-LIFE RETREATS will be announced in the near future. Watch this space.

Our first Workshop was the popular  CREATE THE RELATIONSHIPS YOU WANT WORKSHOP. For a full description see HERE

Starting in September we are releasing a whole new project and very much look forward to sharing it with you.

Keep a look out for our e-newsletter on September 1st.

Subscribe above if you aren't already.

It is always an honour to welcome participants. We appreciate you spreading the word about our work to your friends, family and other contacts.

Looking forward to connecting with you again or meeting you for the first time...
With gratitude and always LOVE, Susie & Shelton  


“The soul grows well when giving and receiving Love.
Love is after all, a verb, an action word, not a noun.” ~ Joan Borysenko


ENQUIRIES: 0414 771 741 or warmfuzzyhill@bigpond.com


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