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Helloooooooooo on our last day in Paris ....8 August, 2016
Well, we had to post the obligatory Selfie, now didn't we!!

Greetings Friends♡

It has been an awful long time since the fateful 12 January 2014 Bushfire that changed our lives in so so many ways. Among a truckload of other things it has been more than 2 ½ years of us not having the energy to plan, organize and present any WORKSHOPS or RETREATS AND being in touch with many of you. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support of us over that time.

We are feeling blessed and grateful to share with you that 11/11/2015 was a truly memorable day for us - The Day I made an Offer on our new Home, and The Day it was accepted! Read more HERE ......

It is also somewhat serendipitous and fitting that our good friend and colleague of many many years, ♡Dorsey Cartwright from Texas, USA is one of the main reasons that we are now choosing to make a new start in our business.  We (my former partner ♡Russ and I) discovered Imago Relationship Therapy at a seminar about Imago presented by ♡Dorsey at the Voice Dialogue Summer Kamp in California in 1994.

Following our totally falling in love with Imago, and ♡Dorsey, she came to Australia at our invitation in June 1995 - Yes that long!....... 21 long years ago!.....and presented the first IMAGO GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT COUPLES WORKSHOP in PERTH and seeded Imago in Australia, which ♡Shelton and I went on to spread...

Some of you will know ♡Dorsey from way back then, and for others meeting her and learning from her is a pleasure that awaits. She brings an amazing amount of experience, understanding, passion, dedication and generosity of heart and soul to every Workshop she teaches. Her tenderness and respect for everyone and their process is a pleasure to experience.

The Workshop ♡Dorsey will be teaching for the first time in Australia is the new GENERATIONS~DIALOGUE WORKSHOP in MELBOURNE on the 23-25 September, 2016. It will be co-led by ♡Yvonne Pauling, a highly skilled Imago Therapist and Workshop Presenter from New Zealand.

For this Workshop a parent attends as a pair with their adult child. Either you as a mother or father invite and attend with your adult daughter or son, or you as a child invite and attend with one of your parents.  The minimum age for children is 20 years old. Only one child and one parent per family can attend per Workshop.

There is a very high ratio of participants to clinically trained Assistants in this Workshop with an Assistant coaching each pair through each of the dialogues making for a very intimate and safe Workshop. ♡ Shelton and I will be part of the team of  6 Assistants.
THERAPISTS - please note we are seeking another one or maybe two ASSISTANTS   if you feel called. Please email us of your interest.

For full details about the GENERATIONS~DIALOGUE WORKSHOP see HERE.

♡Shelton and I have also decided we are ready to start planning, organizing and scheduling our WORKSHOPS and RETREATS and will start that process when we return to Perth.

For more information on the CREATE THE RELATIONSHIPS YOU WANT WORKSHOP check out this FLYER and keep a lookout for our e-newsletter notification of these or email us of your interest at susie@graduate.uwa.edu.au

We'd love to have you participate and/or would appreciate you passing the word onto your friends and family and other contacts. May you be feeling gloriously well and happy and we're imagining you having many special moments of LOVE-ing and connection.....

Looking forward to connecting with you again (or meeting you for the first time), our respect and gratitude and much fondness and always LOVE, ♡Susie and ♡Shelton  


If you are interested to read more about how it has been for us over the last 2 ½ years check out the posts on Susies♥HeartPathBlog

SEE: Category Archives: BUSHFIRE Destruction & Aftermath starting at the bottom of the list - January 26, 2014 -  Bushfire destroys our family home at Warm Fuzzy Hill…


Happily Ever After Does Happen!...... 

Learn How To Create Life-Long Exceptional & Exciting Relationships!

Relationships Are Easy If You Know How!
Healthy relationships are the foundation of a healthy society.
Many don't need therapy but EVERYONE needs Relationship Education
to create the ♥LOVE and life they want.

 All life is about being in relationship - whether it is with partners, children, family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours as well as yourself...... ....it's about communicating and truly connecting.

We consider RELATIONSHIPS and Learning Communication ♥TOOLS as

Everyone needs to have the best up-to-date communication ♥TOOLS and Skills.
These need to be learnt in much the same way as we need to learn to read -
we are not born knowing how!
And as well we need to regularly update these.
We are in the business of teaching such ♥TOOLS.
It is our privilege to be of service to you......

"This is a revolutionary view of relationships: rather than leaving it to find yourself, you find yourself through it - being the right partner is more important than picking the right partner."
~ Dr. Harville Hendrix


- have the knowledge to attract and pick the right partner to make your marriage/committed relationship stay ♥LOVE-ing and alive and last a lifetime
- have the ♥TOOLS to create your relationships and Skills to repair and heal any relationship disconnection, break-down or conflict.
- live in a world where divorce is extinct

To teach the MIND-SET and provide A Relationship and Communication ♥TOOLBOX of the best, simple, effective, and easy to put into action ♥TOOLS and SKILLS to create the ♥LOVE and life you want.

We do this through private sessions, Intensives, Workshops and our ♥LOVE-LIFE RETREATS.

Marriages do heal after affairs, separations and all kinds of disconnection, break-down and conflict.

Know you can learn to create the true ♥LOVE you long for with the partner you already have.

THE KEY is you have TO DO something different and usually you need to be taught how.

Matt and Stephanie share about their experience of attending
the Couples Communication Workshop:

I realised I could be happy....and get what I wanted...

"What I got out of the weekend was like falling in ♥LOVE, like for the first time. Not re-capturing the spark, but it was really like I just felt much, much closer. Absolutely amazing and I realised.....I hadn't actually thought that I could be happy...that I could get what I wanted out of our relationship.... I realised that could have only ever happened in the Workshop. It's not like we read a book and say hey let's do this. .......so I'm really grateful and I'm really excited about our future." (Background track is Om Tara from the 'Fierce Wisdom' by Chloe Goodchild)

"Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it" ~ Rumi.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
~ Nelson Mandela.


We are committed to educating people
how to create and build happy, successful,
♥LOVE-ing & conscious relationships and families.
Our professional services provide practical, user-friendly
therapy, counselling, coaching, Workshops & Retreats, education and trainings
for couples, individuals, singles, families, organizations & business.

  Relationships are easy if you know how!

 Happily Ever After DOES Happen...

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